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Parenting Consultations; Get The Advice You Need!

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Ever wonder how some moms turned into super moms? How their house runs smoothly, their children don’t scream all day and the children obey their parents? Did you ever feel some jealousy and think you can never make it there?

Every mother knows that her parenting has some “rough spots.” It may be the five-minutes before a doctor’s appointment that transform a normally sane mother into a screaming shrew. It may be the morning madness, when the kids leave to school, holding one shoe in one hand, a homework assignment in the other, and leaving the lunch and homework pad forgotten on the kitchen counter. It may be on calm afternoons, when the house is struck by “Hurricane Kids.” Everyone tumbles from time to time. The million-dollar question is: If we keep on crashing, why do we insist on repeating the pattern again?

Parenting lessons about unconditional love, patience and positive reinforcement as well as lots of other topics can really help you out. If you invest a little effort and time, you’ll see how successful you can be!

Sharon Green is a professionally trained and certified parenting coach with decades of experience. She conducts parenting workshops for hundreds of parents, privately mentors parents, teaches high school for over 20 years and last but not least, she is a mother of 6. Sharon is now offering phone consultations to the public at a very reasonable price. You can now stay in the comfort of your own home and speak to a professional about all your parenting concerns.

Visit us here for a free 15 minute trial consultation or visit us here to book a 45 minute appointment!


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Baby K’tan Baby Carrier – Free Your Hands While Snuggling Your Baby

baby_k'tan_blkStudies have shown that a warm communicative interaction between mother and infant leads to good social interactions in the future even though the baby is too small to absorb an understanding of the mothers relationship. It still paves the way for human connections.

Colicky infants are a real challenge as they can cry or fuss for hours on end, usually the evening hours from 6pm till midnight, when their exhausted parents cannot seem to find the energy needed to pacify them. Typically, beginning at approximately 3 weeks and lasting until 3 months of age, the infant is at its most uncomfortable stage. Although there is no real cure for colic, it is believed that infants with an immature digestive system are truly uncomfortable which explains why they kick their legs and pass gas being noticeably uncomfortable.

At times a nursing mom can try to figure out if the food she is eating is aggravating her baby and causing the crying hour to increase. Common foods that irritate the infant are milk products, tomato products, wheat products as well as cabbage and beans, although sensitive infants can be upset from just about anything. Caffeine can be irritating as well. If the crying persists all day long and the baby has no peaceful hours it would be wise to consult with your Pediatrician. It is reassuring to know that this stage will pass and come to an end soon.

Check out our quality baby carriers that are comfortable for the parent and won’t put strain on the back. Carriers sooth the infant while they are kept in motion and transform the crying hour into a productive hour as your hands will be free to accomplish. By singing as you do your housework and teach your infant a tune, you’ll be sure to improve both your moods.

Swaddling blankets are another great idea to use at this time as the baby feels a comfortable pressure of feeling cozy. This imitates the warm feeling of being in uterus. Most hospitals swaddle the newborns to keep them comfortable.  It has also been proven to greatly extend sleep periods between feedings by preventing night movement and separation anxiety; thus allowing Mom and Dad more extended rest, enhanced relaxation and peace of mind.


Purchase your Baby K’tan now to receive a 20% discount! No code necessary – but hurry before the sale if over!

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