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Bringing The Outdoors Inside Your Home

It’s cold, it’s rainy and you really don’t want to go out. But then your 5 year old starts fighting with his younger sibling and he’s taking every toy and object in his reach and starts throwing them around… basically, turning your house upside down. What do you do now?!?!?!  Your child needs some stimulation, a walk outdoors or just a change of scenery, but it’s COLD outside and you have absolutely no interest in going out!

That’s when it’s time to bring the benefits of the outdoors right into your living room! Think this sounds odd? Well just read on, it’s not odd at all!

The Playaway Toy Company has manufactured indoor swings and playground equipment where your child can enjoy the benefits of swinging all year round, rain or shine. Thanks to Playaway, your child can have time out or simply relax in a swinging motion, calming himself down and everyone around!

These Indoor Swings are also great for sensory challenged children. While swinging, sensory is in motion, sending electricity to the brain and helping your child develop. Additionally, they are great for balance and coordination as well as Gross Motor Skills and Physical Therapy. The benefits are seemingly endless…

Take for example the Indoor Net Swing. The net can easily stretch to fit any child and can be used in a prone or sitting position. It can also cradle and put pressure on the child’s sides so they feel safe and secure and it gives total body support. It’s simply perfect for swinging, lounging, or reading a book! Add to it the Study Board Attachment and your child can swing while doing his homework! Now, how cool is that? You can easily attach the Net Swing to the Support Bar from any doorway of your home and your’e all set! The door can even close while the Support Bar is up.

Indoor Net Swing

Indoor Net Swing

Come check out the Indoor One-Seated Glider which is designed for children from 3-10 years old. This Glider comes with hand grips and foot rest positions to provide children of all sizes with safety and comfort. It can easily attach to the Indoor Support Bar as well.

Indoor One Seated Glider

Indoor One Seated Glider

There are so many different options to choose from but just keep in mind that all the Playaway products have been tested for SAFETY and all products are ASTM, CPSIA, and FHSA Certified! Additionally, all of their products are 100% American made.

So come check out these wonderful swings and see what everyone is raving about!


Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop – The Power Of The Brain

I’m honored to be featured this week on Katherine’s Corner for her  Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop! It’s a great blog hop where you’ll find new blogs and make new friends! So come on and link up your post for lots of exposure!

The power of the brain! What an incredible creation, made by the Creator Himself. Did you ever think about the difference of a human being and an animal? Think of the differences visible at birth. While an animal is somewhat self sufficient in a matter of hours, and can fend for themselves, an infant takes years of parental nurturing until they can be on their own. Yet, the same infant that could not even feed itself at birth, and would have starved to death without his loving parents care around the clock, surpasses the animal by leaps and bounds, as the brain matures and grows. Watch the movements of an infant, watch as the baby learns new tricks, as his every move ingrains in his brain a new learning experience. Soon this infant starts to recognize people, and they become part of his memory. He experiments with crawling, and rolling over, and then remembers these new movements.

At times a child is born with limitations. A part of their brain isn’t as developed as his peers or siblings. Can anything be done to compensate? Can he lead a functional life? Interestingly, even when the brain is not fully functional there are tools with which to help. Physical therapy and exercises can create new pathways in the brain. This is called nueroplasticity. It is possible to learn new tricks. Many children with disabilities receive proper therapy sessions, with parents trying to supplement extra time at home.


When parents want their child to put forth extra effort they must remember a few key points:

-Extra work must be enjoyable. Try a new machine, one that is not too strenuous, and yet helped strengthen the necessary muscles.


-Make it fun, it should not feel like a chore.

-Remember that therapy is hard work for the child, and it can hurt. Be empathetic, understand the pain. Try active listening.

-Is there a friendly teen in the neighborhood who can pitch in? Sometimes a new face can make the situation more enjoyable, and the parent will have one less thing to fight about.

Keep it short, a drop shorter than your child can handle, so he will be willing to come back for more next time around.

Try the Strider Bike – a fun way to squeeze in extra time strengthening muscles, and its so enjoy able, all the neighbors will want to try it too!

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Safe Exercise Ideas For Children

Children need to be entertained and they need to be entertained in a fun and exciting way. That is why the Redmon Fun & Fitness Exercise Equipment for kids is your best option. Your children will have loads of fun while at the same time, getting the extra benefits of a safe and healthy activity based recreation.


Redmon Fun & Fitness Happy Bike

When children start off young with an active lifestyle, it will inspire them to remain active throughout their life. Exercise is so important for a healthy lifestyle, it helps you feel energized and fit.

When doing exercise with children, be sure it is 100% safe for them. Additionally, there should be adult supervision at all times.


Redmon Fun & Fitness Air Walker

These great exercise pieces are easy for children to use, which will help your child feel competent and self-efficient when exercising. It’s also great for therapy; exercising helps build up muscles and strengthens children all over the body.


Redmon Fun & Fitness Weight Bench Set

Have your child start off slowly with the exercising and gradually, build it up to longer intervals. Exercising for the first time  for 1 hour or even a half an hour, can be too much for a child in the beginning.

Be sure to remind your child to drink while exercising. Drinking small amounts often rather than a larger amount at a time, is better and easier to handle.


Fun & Fitness Twister

Come visit us on our website to purchase one of the Fun & Fitness Exercise equipment.

How Can You Reassure Your Sensory Challenged Child

How many senses are there? If you are like most people your answer is five: sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch.

There are two more senses which are integral to our functioning and often not thought about: vestibular and proprioceptive, our sense of awareness of where we are in space, and the feeling of our joints and muscles. When all of our senses are in sinc with each other we hardly take notice of it. When we notice a child lacking in one area or another we see the need to take action. There is so much available material today to strengthen sensory integration dysfunction and help a child succeed. One area in a child’s life that can be affected by this lack is attention and focusing. Sensory cushions,  balls, and scooters help stimulate the senses and increase concentration. You’ll be amazed at the results.

The Sens-ational Hug Tee was designed to calm a child with deep reassuring pressure that feels like a hug — perfectly comfortable for school or play.


Short Sleeves Navy T Shirt

The Sens-ational Hug Tee comes in different styles and colors for boys and girls to help them feel the comfort of a hug all day!


Sens-ational Hug Tee – Short Sleeves, Sneaker Graphic T Shirt

It’s super comfy without seems or tags to irritate your child and don’t get nervous; they are machine washable too!


Long Sleeves Flower Graphic Tee

The T-shirts come in many sizes with the largest one fitting most adults.


By Kids Only Hibiscus Shirt

The T Shirts can be worn as is or under your child’s uniform or regular shirt.

So go ahead and Purchase one of these fantastic sensational T Shirts to reassure your child with sensory issues!

Good Motor Skills Promotes Good Social, Psychological And Intellectual Skills


Tumbling Animals Obstacle Course

Looking for ways to enhance your child’s gross motor skills? Here’s your answer!
Gross motor skills which involve the large muscles of the body enable a person to walk, kick, lift, balance, roll… Gross motor functions are connected with other areas such as fine motor skills. A person that has trouble with his gross motor skills will most likely have difficulty with writing. Additionally, a child with weak gross motor skills may have problems in school as well. The earlier you treat these problems, the easier it will be.

bObles, a manufacturing company of children’s toys was created to fill the void of quality furniture for children, which appealed to play, creativity and physical exercise . The great thing about the bObles products is that you can enhance your children’s motor skills while playing! They are so much fun to play with that your children will want to cooperate with what is asked of them. There are also endless amounts of ideas of what you can do with each product.

For example, the Tumbling Elephant can be used to: practice balance, it has a rocking function where the child is challenged while sitting, it’s great to lie on; flat on the stomach and back, and last but not least it is a great chair to sit on! Finding the many ways to interact with the pieces helps kids of all ages develop motor skills while igniting their imagination.


Lime Tumbling Elephant

The Tumbling Whale challenges the core stability and it has a rocking function where the child is challenged and stimulated while sitting. Your child can tumble, roll, balance, seesaw, rock, jump and gain some bodily experience, which can serve as the foundation for further development.

5 (1)

Turquoise Tumbling Whale

The Tumbling Crocodile is the perfect baby starter set. It can be great for tummy time and at the same time it’s a great step stool in the bathroom! It can be used as a staircase, which enhances the strength and balance of the child. When used as a balance beam the child can practice eye foot coordination and the idea of boundaries to understand where something begins and ends, so you don’t lose balance or step off an edge and fall! When turned upside down you have an angled surface – the see saw function appears when the crocodile is placed on its back and the child can walk/lie on its entire straight surface. The crocodile is also amazing for tummy time – due to the soft material and elevated position most babies will even enjoy tummy time!


Rose Tumbling Crocodile

All in all, children can play with these toys for hours, which also helps build on focusing and attention span, skills so important for all areas of life. Let your child lead the way as he opens up a world of fun.

To purchase one of these great products visit us at

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