Are You One Of Those Moms That Are Constantly Chauffeuring Your Kids To School?

Many moms don’t mind driving their children to school, but rather than doing a service for your children, you are doing them a disservice.

I for example, used to be the stereotypical “helicopter mother”. If my children missed the bus, (which occurred quite often,) I would drive them to school. I ended up getting very stressed out by their last minute rushing. By the time they got into the car, even if I would drive the fastest possible and make every green light, it was still impossible to make it to school on time. So I would have to write them a late note, explaining why they were late and why they missed the bus…

And then it hit me, what service am I doing for my children? We need to allow our children to take responsibility for their own actions. I then pushed myself to shift my approach.

The next day, I told my children that I would no longer chauffeur them to school. They could walk, ask their father (who wouldn’t fall for this,) call a car service or a neighbor – anything, but depend on me.

Lo and behold, the first day that my eleven-year-old missed the bus, I reminded him of his choices. To my surprise, he accepted my choices and decided to undertake the thirty-minute walk. My six-year-old, who was watching the proceedings, was still undressed. He piped up, “When is my bus coming?” I told him, “In three minutes.” He ran back to his room, got dressed in record speed and made the bus. He felt great, and so did I. This year I am continuing the same approach. My children are happier, and I am so much calmer!


What is your opinion?

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